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The Nelson Regional Pool Association runs a Competition Round Robin of games from end of February through to October (depending on how many teams are registered to play). These games are played on Monday nights starting around 7.30pm and finishing approximately 10pm. All teams, consisting of eight players, have a pub or a club as their home base.

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The Nelson Regional Pool Association was formed in 1976 with the objective being to organise a pool tournament format, venues and rules, and to generally promote the game. At that time 8 Ball Pool was growing very rapidly, with most pubs and clubs having at least one table. By the mid-eighties, the number of teams playing on a Monday night Round Robin competition was having to be limited to 24 teams to get all matches played throughout each year.

Today, the Nelson Regional Pool Association is involved in the Inter Provincial Pool Challenge against Marlborough, West Coast, Buller and Westland. Along with the Seddon Shield Districts Tournament held annually which includes all of these teams in a round robin playoff over two days.

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