History of Nelson Regional Pool Association

Formed in 1976 from a meeting held at WT&CC by Mauri Johns, Sid Barnett, Bob Henderson, Dave Orr and Dave Williams (and possibly others), the Nelson Regional Pool Association was formalised at another meeting in 1977 held at the Metropolitan Hotel in Bridge Street, Nelson.

The objective being to organise a pool tournament format, venues and rules, and to generally promote the game.

At that time 8 Ball Pool was growing very rapidly, with most pubs and clubs having at least one table.

By the mid-eighties, the number of teams playing on a Monday night Round Robin competition was having to be limited to 24 teams to get all matches played throughout each year.

After Marlborough formed an Association, there was a meeting held between West Coast, Buller and Nelson to hold a Inter Provincial Pool Challenge and to have a common set of rules.

The meeting led to the first match which was to be called the Seddon Shield Districts Tournament with the inaugural tournament held in Greymouth in the winter of 1977. Nelson won this history making event. Being first to claim the trophy with the miniature pool table feature. Back then it was a men only fixture.

1979 saw the first women's teams, this turned the occasion into a much larger event, and is now believed to be the longest running pool tournament in New Zealand.

In 1985, Westland was allowed to join the Tournament too, which saw five Associations vying for the prestige Seddon Shield Districts trophy.


  • President: Graeme Galey
  • Vice President: Pam Garry
  • Secretary: 
  • Treasurer: Steve Hopwood
  • Rep Convener: Susie Hopwood
  • Score Keeper: Kim Probert


  • Susie Hopwood
  • Neal Thomason
  • Roy Miles


  • Burt Garry
  • Nicholas Davies